Kiesha was Born and raised in Flint, MI. She attributes her motivation for the ABC Project to her passion for learning, teaching, and empowering the youth.

"We cannot be the slightest bit timid about asserting ourselves and making choices that put us in a better place - And once we have reached any type of success, we have a responsibility to reach back and share that knowledge and experience with others, to help them find their unique gifts and talents. I think we can fulfill our responsibility to young people by committing our personal resources to them. By that I mean showing up in their lives, being present, really listening to what they're saying, by asking questions about what they're thinking and feeling, and by using our collective power to ensure that all young people have access to a safe medium that gives them the opportunity to succeed."

"I also believe as adults, we all have a responsibility to influence younger people positively. I think that all adults have to be careful about what we say and do because we set an example that our young people will follow.
Let us use this opportunity and the ABC platform to change some lives. 
Thank You. Kiesha S. 

Alexis Ramirez accredits her passion for the ABC Project to assist those who do not have the voice or the resources to fight against bullying.  She’s focused on promoting bullying awareness amongst communities around, well also encouraging acceptance and peace.
Alexis received her Bachelors of Finance degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.  She has since made it her goal to assist the youth and inspire them to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.  To inform them that no one should dream only to the top of the glass ceiling that bullying may place over their heads, but that they can break that glass ceiling and attain desirable ambitions; and with hard work, prayer, and dedication dreams do become reality.  If she can aid the youth and educate the adults, she will have made the necessary steps to inform society and enhance preparation for instances to come.

As a biracial woman of both Mexican and Haitian descent, she often found herself at battle grounds with those of one of the same ethnicities. 
“Growing up in a predominately Hispanic community in California, I was one of very few children in the entire town that was of African descent.  The feeling of not being accepted from children of my own race because of the color of my skin or the inability to speak their language was upsetting.  I wasn’t considered Mexican, I was “the black girl.”  Yet, at the same time, in Texas where majority of the population in my high school was of African American descent, because of my features there I was considered “the Mexican girl”.  I often found myself constantly defending my ethnicity.  Constantly defending who I was as a person.  That I took it upon myself to say I will not be defined by the color of my skin or the language I speak.  I’m not “the black girl” or “the Mexican girl” – I am Alexis.  A girl who became a woman and found her voice.  Not only for myself but for others that find themselves in similar situations”. 

As the Executive Director of ABC, she does this patiently to bring this great program to communities and school systems around.  To begin the necessary steps to eradicate bullying and reducing violence one individual at a time. 

Lauren Washington: 

Meet Our Team

Kiesha Shaw

Event Coordinator

Lauren co-founded the Anti-Bully Crusaders Organization with her father. Several years ago, they teamed up to create a self-help curriculum in an effort to provide young people with the necessary tools to help reduce violence through educational opportunities and creative strategies. Having a tremendous amount of success using this unique technique, they are now ready to present this project to the world.
“As we grow mentally, spiritually, and physically, it is our job to become better, smarter, wiser, and to act upon our own free will to make a better contribution to society. Every generation must prepare for the next generation. To live for today is shortsighted, to live for tomorrow is vision. God gave us all the wealth of our potential, abilities, energies, creativity, ideas, and dreams to help others. We bear the responsibility for activating, releasing, and maximizing this potential. To help the next generation, we must nurture these gifts. If I do not take what has been given to me and my potential to make a serious difference, then I will have failed not only myself but others who are depending on people like me.”
She attributes much of her motivation for this cause to her passion for helping others who may not have voice or the means to help themselves.  
"The pain that I have in my heart is that we're not doing all that we can do in the wealthiest country in the world to stop bullying and violence. We are the most affluent and greatly blessed people anywhere on this planet and we are not doing enough for those who do not have a voice."

Lauren recently earned a degree in Real Estate and holds a degree in Business Administration while working towards her Masters (MBA). As a member of the National Honors Society she served as a student Ambassador to Europe and sat on the board of the Future Business Leaders of the American Society. In 2016 Lauren successfully launched her online boutique catering to the needs of all women. 
"I am a person who is really on a path. I am really trying to look deeply into this social issue of bullying, and I am consciously and passionately trying to make difference in this world."

Thank you for supporting the ABC Movement.
Peace & Love to you all... Lauren​ 

Alexis Ramirez:

​Executive Director

Patricia Reed

President of Michigan Chapter

Make A Difference Today

The Anti-Bully Crusaders Organization Welcomes Patricia Reed as President of the ABC Michigan Chapter 

The Anti-Bully Crusaders Organization welcomes Patricia Reed to the ABC Family. 

Patricia was born in the south. Her family migrated to Lansing, Michigan when she was in elementary. As an adolescent she was a victim of bullying. Patricia said, "That experience changed me forever. I wasn't a popular kid. I wore glasses. I was a bookworm, a 'nerd' so to say. I can remember the feeling of not belonging, not being included, being ridiculed because I had less than others. It made me feel less confident in myself. I wanted to disappear!" She was able to overcome this disparaging treatment when she discovered her own true value as a human being. "When you're young kids can be brutal without knowing it. I overcame these obstacles when I discovered that other people's views of us do not diminish or increase the value of who we truly are! Bullies are only displaying these behaviors to deflect attention away from their own insecurities and shortcomings." An invaluable lesson that she now uses to impart upon young people who suffer from the same experiences. 

Patricia earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix. Spent 12 years working in the manufacturing industry before switching careers to teaching at the Shabazz Public School Academy. "Working with at risk youth and their families was some of the most rewarding work I've ever done." She enjoys volunteering for organizations such as Hospice, Habitat for Humanity, and the UAW Community Service Committee.

Now, as director of the ABC-Michigan Initiative, Patricia is achieving one more of her major career goals. "Being bullied taught me to be a more empathetic person, especially to individuals that are less fortunate and underprivileged. I have made it my life's mission to help others. I believe in the ABC initiative and solutions. I have seen first hand how the workshops and seminars have impacted young lives. As a teacher, I have observed, and it saddens me that our learning institutions have become a common place for hazing, cruelty, humiliation, mistreatment... and all the other acts of bullying. No child should have to experience this in a school setting. This is why I'm dedicated to helping change the bullying narrative by making all schools a BULLY FREE SAFE ZONE! ABC is the perfect platform to offer me this opportunity."