The Process

Each participant will review the ABC pledge and agree to a thirty-day commitment to change.
During the this period, each participant will review the seven steps, commit to working on each step, participate in the lessons and oral discussions, and keep a journal.

Participants will be instructed to wear their wristband at all times as a symbol of peace and recognition for the pledge that they have signed.  In addition, they will carry their journal with them every day, writing down any epiphanies, ideas and breakthroughs that they may have encountered over the course of their day.  They will review their progress and journal entries about successes, obstacles, or failures in their day-to-day practices. 

The personal journal will help them to reflect on what they have learned and give them a realistic look on how they view things.  It will reveal how they have changed and what they may need to achieve to become an improved individual to make the essential modifications in their character flaws. The expectation is that for thirty days, participants will repeat this process and begin to see their habits transform. Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremony, along with other gifts and surprises.​​

Our Program

What is the ABC Project?

The Anti-Bully Crusaders Project is a social movement that has taken a realistic approach toward the growing problem of bullying. Designed to eradicate the enormous
​outbreak of bullying in America and around the world, the ABC project has created an effective model and mechanism for learning and teaching.  Our hope is to provide educational opportunities and support systems that enhance the future and impact the lives of our young people. Our therapeutic self-help curriculum provides participants with instructions on how to curtail intimidation, crush cruelty, and reduce violence.  This program equips our young people with the personal skills and necessary tools to develop a positive attitude towards acceptance, peace and tolerance.


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The ABC Curriculum

Our interactive educational curriculum (ABC Workbook) not only equips the student with the necessary knowledge,  it also provides parents and teachers the support needed to reinforce the lessons learned by the student.  

Our aim is to develop ideas and initiatives that will provide the participants with innovative methods for acquiring thorough, thoughtful and complete educational opportunities.  Our curriculum is broken into modules consisting of writing lessons, group discussion questions, and daily journaling.  Each lesson and exercise will help develop and cultivate cognitive skills in a fun entertaining way.  It is designed for facilitators to interactively work with young people through mutual voluntary participation in a 30-session period.